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January February March

2nd of January:
Saint Seraphym of Sarov
4th of January:
70 Holy Apostles
5th of January:
9th of January:
Polyeuktos of Armenia
10th of January:
Saint Gregory of Nyssa
15th of January:
Saint Paul of Thebes
17th of January:
Saint Anthony the Great
18th of January:
Saint Athanasios of Alexandria
19th of January:
Saint Makarios
21st of January:
Saint Maximos the Confessor
22nd of January:
Saint Anastasios the Persian
24th of January:
Saint Xenia the merciful
28th of January:
Saint Ephraim The Syriac
30th of January:
The Three Hierarchs
31st of January:
Saints Cyros and John

1st of February:
Saint Tryphon
4th of February:
Saint Isidore
5th of February:
Saint Aghatha
6th of February:
Saint Ilyan of Homs
9th of February:
Saint Nikephoros
11th of February:
Saint Blaise
12th of February:
Saint Meletios of Antioch
13th of February:
Saint Martinian of Palestine
14th of February:
Saint Auxentios
17th of February:
Saint Theodore of Tyre
20th of February:
Saint Leo of Katani
21st of February:
Saint Eustathios
23rd of February:
Saint Polycarp of Izmir
26th of February:
Saint Porphyrios of Gaza
29th of February:
Saint John Cassian

04th of March:
Saint Gerasimos
9th of March:
Forty Martyrs
11th of March:
Saint Sophronios
12th of March:
Saint Gregory the Dialogist
17th of March:
Saint Alexios
19th of March:
Saints Chrysanthos and Daria
21st of March:
Saint James the Confessor
27th of March:
Saint Matrona
29th of March:
Saints Mark and Cyril

April May June
03rd of April:
Saint Joseph the Hymnographer
09th of April:
Saint Nikita the Confessor
11th of April:
Saint Antypas
17th of April:
Saint Simeon the Persian
22nd of April:
Saint Theodore Sykeote
24th of April:
Saint Elizabeth the Wonder-worker
27th of April:
Saint Simeon the Kinsman of the Lord

03rd of May:
Saints Timothy and Maura
05th of May:
Saint Irene
09th of May:
Saint Christopher
12th of May:
Saint Epiphanios
18th of May:
Saint Peter the Martyr
19th of May:
Saint Patrick
21st of May:
Saints Constantine and Helena
29th of May:
Saint Theodosia

01st of June:
Saint Justin the Philosopher
02nd of June:
Saint Nikephoros the Confessor
06th of June:
Saint Hilarion the New
07th of June:
Saint Theodotos and the seven virgins
10th of June:
Saints Alexander and Antonina
12th of June:
Saint Onouphrios
14th of June:
Saint Methodios
18th of June:
Martyr Leontios
21st of June:
Saint Julian of Tarsus
27th of June:
29th of June:
Saints Peter and Paul
30th. of June:
Twelve Apostols

July August September
04th of July:
Saint Andrew of Crete
05th of July:
Saint Martha
14th of July:
Saint Aquila
19th of July:
Saint Macrina
21st of July:
Saint Simeon of Homs
24th of July:
Saint Christina of Tyre
26th of July:
Saints Hermolaos and Panteleimon
30th of July:
Saint Silas

07th of August:
Saint Domeitios
11th of August:
Saint Euplos
13th of August:
Maximos the Confessor
15th of August:
Dormition of the Theotokos
17th of August:
Saint Myron of Kyzikos
20th of August:
Saint Samuel
25th of August:
Apostle Titos
28th of August:
Moses of Ethiopia
29th of August:
Saint John the Baptist

01st of September:
Saint Simeon the Stylite
04th of September:
Saint Anthimos the New
09th of September:
Saints Joachim and Anna
11th of September:
Saint Theodora of Alexandria
14th of September:
Elevation of the cross
17th of September:
Saint Sophia and her daughters
19th of September:
Saint Trophimos
20th of September:
Great Martyr Eustathios
24th of September:
Proto Martyr Thekla
26th of September:
Saint John the Theologian
30th of September:
Saint Gregory of Armenia

October November December
02nd of October:
Saints Cyprian and Justina
07th of October:
Saints Sergios and Bacchos
08th of October:
Saint Pelagia
09th of October:
Saints Andronikos and Athanasia
11th of October:
7th Ecumenical Council
11th of October:
Deacon Philip
11th of October:
Saint Theophanes
14th of October:
Saint Kosmas the Hymnographer
17th of October:
Saint Andrew of Crete
18th of October:
Apostle Luke
20th of October:
Saint Artemios of Antioch
21st of October:
Saint Hilarion
22nd of October:
Saint Averkios
23rd of October:
Saint James Brother of the Lord
24th of October:
Martyr Arethas
25th of October:
Saints Marcian and Martyrios
26th of October:
Saint Demetrios
29th of October:
Abraham and Mary
29th of October:
Saint Anastasia
31st of October:
Saint Epimachos
01st. Of November:
Saints Cosmas and Damian
02nd of November:
Saint Akindinos
08th of November:
09th of November:
Saint Matrona
09th of November:
Saint Nektarios
10th of November:
Saint Quartos
11th of November:
Saints Victor and Stephany
13th of November:
Saint John Chrysostom
14th of November:
Saint Gregory Palamas
21st. of November:
Entrance of the Theotokos
22nd. of November:
Saint Cecilia
23rd of November:
Saint Amphilokios
25th of November:
Saint Catherine
29th of November:
Saint Akakios

04th of December:
Saint John of Damascus
04th of December:
Saint Barbara
06th of December:
Saint Nicolas
07th of December:
Saint Ambrose
12th of December:
Saint Spyridon
13th of December:
Saint Lucia
19th of December:
Saint Boniface

20th of December:
Saint Ignatios of Antioch
24th of December:
Saint Eugenia
27th of December:
Saint Stephen