The Orthodox Christian tradition attributes to the Apostle Quartos , one of the seventy disciples who followed our Savior Jesus Christ , the institution of the Christian Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut. This is one of the nineteen archdioceses of the Antiochian Church, "where the disciples were called Christians first" (Acts : 11-26)

His Eminence Metropolitan Elias (Audi), was elected by the Holy Synod in 1980, to the See of Beirut, that covers the Lebanese capital area and the town of Souk El Gharb, the Metropolitan's summer resort. Eighteen priests and four deacons, serve the eleven parishes that constitute the pastoral structure of the archdiocese.

Besides two women's monastic orders, almost centennials, the Archdiocese, through a 300 bed general hospital (St. George Hospital founded in 1878), seven schools, a nursing home for the elderly and three dispensaries, cares to the social and educational welfare of the Lebanese population regardless of religious racial or ethnic belonging.

The Archdiocese publishes different prayers' books, spiritual books, and a weekly bulletin "Al Nashra" that is distributed on a door to door basis to all the archdiocese families and could be sent by e-mail to subscribers.

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